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SPS has achieved a breakthrough in the national virtual simulation experimental teaching project
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Published by the ministry of education, 2018 annual national virtual simulation experiment teaching project of the review results (high letter [2019] no. 6), “human recombinant interferon alpha 2b biological drug injection production line of the virtual simulation teaching" which hosted by professor Jinsong Shi success to become the first national virtual simulation experiment teaching project, to achieve the zero breakthrough in the teaching in our school project.

National virtual simulation experiment teaching is the virtual simulation experiment teaching demonstration projects construction work of the deepening and development, is to promote the modern information technology into the experiment teaching program, an extension experiment teaching content breadth and depth, the experimental teaching time and space, the important measures to improve experiment teaching quality and level, the construction effect is one of the important indicators to measure university innovative talent training quality.

The project of "virtual simulation teaching of biological drug recombinant human interferon 2b injection production line" selected by our hospital takes the advanced production line of well-known enterprises as the process template and adopts 3D simulation, Unity 3D and other technologies to build the GMP simulation practice platform of biological drugs and explore the new virtual simulation teaching mode of biological drugs. Project includes engineering design, equipment simulation, process simulation, simulation of six modules, such as the operation involved in biological medicine expanding culture of strain, fermentation, separation, freeze-dried preparation procedure, provides the whole process from project design to production, a full range of teaching practice, so that the students can learn how biological pharmaceutical technology design and production control points, grasp GMP regulations with the essence of the quality management system, to cultivate students' ability to solve complex engineering problems, to cultivate innovative engineering talents platform provides the comprehensive teaching practice.

In recent years, the college of pharmacy has actively explored new approaches to education and teaching, promoted the deep integration of new media technology and education and teaching, and promoted the application and sharing of high-quality education and teaching resources. The virtual simulation teaching project of biological drug recombinant human interferon 2b injection production line is under the guidance of the idea of "reality is not virtual, virtual and real combination", with students as the center, and gradually formed a new teaching experiment practice mode which is complementary with professional small test experiment and virtual GMP workshop. The college will take the opportunity of being awarded the national virtual simulation experiment teaching project, and strive to promote high-quality talent training with high-quality education and teaching, so as to make greater contributions to the construction of a high-level university with distinctive characteristics as soon as possible.

Figure 1. The certification issued by the ministry of education

Figure 2. Group photo of project construction team

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