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Graduate Program
Postgraduate Training Program of Pharmaceutical Engineering
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Major: master of engineering

Field name: master of engineering

Field name: pharmaceutical engineering

I. subject introduction

Pharmaceutical engineering and technology is a basic subjects such as chemistry, medicine, biology and engineering cross engineering major, is a wide scope of professional, it involves chemical medicine, biological medicine, Chinese medicine pharmaceutical field, its essence is seeking common knowledge and rules in these areas, to explore the basic principle of manufacturing drugs and realize industrialized production engineering technology, including new technologies, new processes, new equipment, GMP management and development, amplification and design of process equipment, quality control and optimization, etc., finally realize the scale and standardization of drug manufacturing. After graduation, graduates are usually engaged in drug research and development, drug production and management in large enterprises, scientific research institutes and medical management institutions.

The pharmaceutical engineering major of Jiangnan University began to recruit undergraduates in 2004.For microbiological and biochemical medicine master of architecture in 2003, for pharmaceutical engineering major professional master of architecture in 2010, now has passed the pharmaceutical level of master degree authorization evaluation, is the fifth batch of characteristic specialized construction, the ministry of education is secondary chemical engineering doctoral degree authorization centers in our school and "fermentation engineering" Dr. Enrollments to build units. Now there are 14 professors, 26 associate professors and 8 lecturers. Among the in-service professors, there are 7 doctoral supervisors and 25 master supervisors. In addition, there are 38 corporate mentors from more than 20 large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. The in-service teachers are characterized by youth, excellent background and complementary disciplines. 94% of the teachers have a doctoral degree, nearly 40% have more than one year of overseas study and work experience, and nearly 75% have practical experience in pharmaceutical enterprises or related enterprises. School attaches great importance to medicine, cultivating and developing one improved pharmaceutical teaching and scientific research platform, built the biological medicine manufacturing engineering technology research center of Jiangsu province, the pharmaceutical engineering practice education center, ministry of science and biomedical engineering amplification technology pilot and enterprise incubation platform, participated in the construction of national fermentation engineering technology research center and bioactive products processing engineering technology research center of Jiangsu province; The relatively stable research laboratories of drug design and molecular pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and drug synthesis, drug analysis and activity evaluation, pharmacy and new pharmaceutical materials, biomedical engineering, and microbial pharmacy and engineering have been established.

2. Training objectives

Master of pharmaceutical engineering professional training objectives: training with chemical pharmaceutical, biological pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations in terms of the basic theoretical knowledge and experimental skills, and ability of engineering practice, in the pharmaceutical enterprises and related engineering departments engaged in the chemical synthesis of drugs and biological production, management, scientific research and development of applied and advanced science and technology and engineering management talents.

3. Research direction

3.1. Biopharmaceuticals: mainly carry out the research on the metabolic engineering breeding and new production process of microbial drug strains, the development of biological active substances of medicinal fungi, and the large-scale preparation technology of genetically engineered recombinant drugs;

3.2. Chemical pharmacy and traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy: including three sub-directions of synthetic chemical drugs, drug green synthesis and intelligent polymer transgenic carrier, focusing on the two main lines of basic research and new drug development, focusing on the research of innovative drugs for three major diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and chronic diseases of the elderly;

3.3. Biomedical engineering: is the product of a variety of engineering disciplines to biomedicine penetrating, using the principle and method of modern natural science and engineering technology, from the perspective of engineering, the multi-level study on structure and function of human body and their mutual relationship, reveals the life phenomenon, offers a new technical means for prevention and cure of a comprehensive, hi

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